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An Absolutely Fabulous Time

I was only 2 weeks old when the first episode of Absolutely Fabulous hit our television screens back in 1992 but that didn’t stop me from growing up with Eddie and Patsy. Whether they were good role models I’m not too sure but I seem to have turned out pretty alright.


​I remember begging my parents to let me watch it with them when I was about 7 years old, only to be told I was too young. I was then bought my first ever video boxset at 12 and what was it? Only Absolutely Fabulous! I spent hours locked away in my bedroom watching episode after episode. I think it could possibly be my all time favourite long-running series.

I was over the moon to be invited to the worldwide premiere of Jennifer Saunders’ latest creation in the form of Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie, reviving all of the old characters as well as a few cameos (60 to be exact-ish) from some well known (and not so well known) celebrities, From Kate Moss to Rebel Wilson to Joan Collins. And I can tell you right now, the premiere definitely did not disappoint…

Golden Carpets, glittering walls and free-flowing champagne. What else could a girl ask for? Hundreds of celebrities flocked to the Odeon in Leicester Square on Wednesday 29th June 2016 to make this one of the most incredible experiences ever. First I spotted Jennifer Saunders (Eddie) and Joanna Lumley who dazzled the crowd and then headed to be interviewed by Rylan Clark before joining Edith Bowman on the stage at the end of the carpet. They were then followed by Jane Horrocks (Bubble), Julia Sawalha (Saffy), June Whitfield (Mother) and Saffy’s daughter, who clearly hasn’t been through that awkward teenage ugly stage.

Following the main cast was life-long buddy of Jennifer, Dawn French. Who wore a weird flowery contraption on her head… Alongside the likes of Louis Spence, Emma Bunton, Christopher Biggins, Jordan Dunn, Robert Webb, Geri Hall, Kylie Minogue, Lily Cole and many more. Surrounded by a vast array of outrageously fabulous drag queens. I’m just glad I wasn’t sitting behind their wacky, larger than life hairstyles.

Me and my guest (Mummy Dearest) then made our way down the gold carpet (which was split in two – we were on the peasant side whilst the celebrities posed on the other) and into the cinema, where we found ourselves in the first row and greeted by a glass of Bollinger Champagne and a box of chocolates. Something we could both definitely get used to.

After a quick walk on stage from the main cast, producers and directors there was a short speech by Saunders and we were left to enjoy the film. And oh did we enjoy it. Reminded of the old series it felt as though we had been reunited with two old pals, still causing havock around London…and then the South of France. In a freak party accident Eddie manages to kill Kate Moss and let’s just say it all goes even more downhill from there (I won’t spoil it for you as long as you promise to go and see it).

The film is just as funny as the previous television series, with many small links and in-jokes it just feels like an extended episode and that you’ve not really missed anything, even if everyone is looking a little older. I know that this film is never going to become critically aclaimed by any circumstances but if you’re looking for an easy watch and a good laugh and to be reunited with some of the nations most loved characters then this film is the one for you!


By Bethlwebb

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