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A warm day at Wimbledon


Going to Wimbledon has been on my to do list for a number of years, but A) I’m too unorganised to buy a ticket months in advance and B) I’m not made of money (yet) and it’s a super expensive day out if you do it correctly.


​Luckily for me, my friends felt the exact same way about this so we attempted to spend a day at Wimbledon on a budget (a very small budget). We were informed that a selected number of tickets had been released for less than half the price than usual. So we jumped on the Wimbledon bandwagon and got into the virtual online ticket queue. We were successful in our quest and looked forward to our fast-approaching day at Wimbledon.We arrived nice and early at Wimbledon station that morning and scrambled onto the first available bus which took us right to the end of the entrance queue. 

**Handy Tip** You’re allowed to take in food and a limited amount of drink. I opted for prosecco as I don’t mess around when it comes to alcohol. Although, when I opened this on court 2 I managed to spray my fizz all over the heads of the two rather posh people in front of me… Let’s just say that they weren’t very impressed and I doubt we’re ever going to be friends.


PictureWe stayed on Court 2 for the majority of the day and managed to see some great matches. This included the very much overlooked Jo-Wilfried Tsonga who won his game by a longshot. We spend around 4 hours here sitting, drinking prosecco, eating posh sausage rolls and revelling in the heat of the sun.

**Handy Tip** Wear something that won’t give you silly tanlines or you may end up looking like this for a few days…oopsie.

​As the sun went in we decided to head to the famous Henman Hill (or is it Murray Mound now?) to watch Andy Murray’s match on the big screen. We picked up a (very overpriced) pimms on our way and found somewhere slightly less cramped to sit and chat. It was a nice end to a lovely (very hot) day.

I’d love for everyone to experience Wimbledon at some point in their life but you have to expect to spend a lot, and it’s very easily done. I’m so poor.


By Bethlwebb

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