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Press For Gin with Brockmans

Have you ever been to an event or party that was out of this world unreal? I did, back in 2016 when Brockmans Gin held a dinner party in Shoreditch’s Village Underground and it was a night ‘Like No Other’. You can read more about this HERE. I still speak about that event and remember how incredible it was, so when I had the chance to revisit Brockmans to celebrate their incredible Gin in this years set of events called #PressForGin, there really was no way I was going to miss it. Here’s how the night unfolded…

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We arrived at Black Swan Studios at around 7pm, not knowing what surprises and treats Brockmans had in store for us this time around but knowing that whatever they had up their sleeve promised to be a night we wouldn’t forget, just like their previous event (they also did one last year involving a gigantic slide in the Olympic Park in Stratford but sadly I didn’t manage to get a ticket). I couldn’t wait to get inside and out of the cold and get started… and get stuck into their incredible Gin cocktails.
We joined the back of the queue which lead through the front door of the studio, staff were on hand to hand us a variety of masks so that we were able to leave our identity at the door, we opted for a slinky lace number. As we made our way through the queue under a frame of foliage and past the bar to sign in we caught a glimpse of the room which was set up for a glorious dinner party.
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We were given our table number (number 2) and headed for our seats with the other lovely people that were to be our dinner companions for the evening. The tables were decorated beautifully with all sorts of pretty flowers, candles and fruits along with bottles of Brockmans gin – sadly these were empty. This is when I caught a glimpse of the menu and knew the night was going to be a winner.
Our first drink was The Perfect Serve which contained Brockmans Gin, Fever Tree, Blackberries and Pink Grapefruit And was perfect to quench the thirst I had developed during my horrendous commute (darn that jubilee line), it refreshed me and made sure that I was ready for the was the first of 4 small plates which was Cassia Bark smoked aubergine and courgette terrine with goat’s cheese sorbet.
This was out of this world. I’m not usually one to opt for a veggie dish as I love meat but this was filled with so many flavours and textures and the sorbet was absolutely perfect. So cold compared to the rest of the dish but it completely worked and left me wanting more. There are just some times where a small plate won’t cut it!
We were then treated to a surprise performance by an incredibly talented and very tattooed lady (who’s name I didn’t manage to get, if anyone knows then please let me know!) who swung from the ceiling in the middle of the tables and tied herself in knots and all sorts. She was mesmerising and very raunchily dressed and just exuded the sexiness that is Brockmans Gin. She held the whole room’s attention throughout and was just amazing!
It was then time for our second cocktail, we had to press the button by our table – clearly labelled with a large ‘PRESS FOR GIN’ in order for the waiters to bring our table the next round of drinks, this time it was the delicious Gin-Tiki which comprised of Brockmans Gin, falernum, lemon and almond. This one definitely had a kick to it and I’m not a big almond fan but I loved it.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      832FC4FD-8A43-413D-99A6-4548DECA6E99
It was paired with the second dish, which was Tomato and Liquorice tea, silver langoustine stock cube with squid ink gnocchi. I was a little scared of this one as I’m not sure about liquorice, but yet again I was left a very happy bunny. We were given a teapot to pour tea over the stock cube which created a soup-like dish. I love how innovative this was and how we were involved in creating the finished product. Plus the gnocchi was divine.
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Throughout the evening, the fabulous Tony Bowen (he also performed at the previous event I went to) entertained us with his beautiful voice and even took song requests via Twitter, such a nice idea and showcased just how many songs and genres he could absolutely smash and meant that there was a wide variety of tunes throughout the night. This also helped people to gain entries into the #pressforgin competition which was shown on a screen throughout the evening. The person with the highest number of social media posts over the three days won a years supply of gin! Sadly, this wasn’t me. But wow I wish it was.

To gain our third cocktail we had to solve a mystery. Each gin-tiki cocktail from the round before had a letter on a scroll, we had to work as a team to unscramble the word from these letters and unlock the secret chest in the middle of the table. We managed this after a few tries and the chest was opened to unveil all sorts of potions that we needed to make our own cocktail! This one was named the Brockmans Perfumery and was so very tasty. It contained Brockmans Gin, potions, essences, powder and foam. Which merged together to create one of the most magical concoctions I think I’ve ever tasted.
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This was followed by a beautiful almond crusted oxtail Bon Bon with pickled blackberries, gin aioli and micro corriander. This was small (obviously) but so tender and flavoursome, I could’ve easily had a few more of these but for now I just guess I’ll have to dream about it until I can get my next fix.
By this time some of the people were beginning to feel the full force of the gin cocktails and a lot of dancing commenced as we started on our final cocktail, the bleeding heart – Brockmans Gin, ginger, vanilla and kombucha. I can’t fully remember what this was like but remember enjoying it and not being sure of what to do with the squishy bit in the middle. Some people popped theirs but I was scared I wouldn’t like it. Oops.

This was served alongside our final dish of the night (before I realised there was desert) which was Duck heart and gin cured duck breast yakitoris. These arrived on skewers and I was really unsure on how I’d feel about eating duck heart. But you guessed it, again I was pleasantly surprised. I just wish I hadn’t realised what it was until after as the thoughts in my head weren’t matching up to how great it tasted. However, I definitely would recommend it.
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We made a quick pit stop at the desert table before making our merry way home. Here they had some wacky things for us to try, including jelly (with a vibrator inside to make it wiggle wiggle like jelly on a plate). Smoking meringues (where I accidentally took the whole plate she handed me rather than just taking one off it. Oops again) and some insanely good salted chocolate ice cream. I need more of this in my life. This really filled the spot that needed something sweet and left me feeling happy and ready to look forward to my next Brockmans Gin event. Because I know that as soon as tickets come out I WILL be first in line (unless they want to invite me again please #pray4beth).
So. What I’m really saying is that if you ever get the chance to attend a Brockmans Gin event, you really shouldn’t think twice because it could quite possibly be one of the most exciting and memorable events of your adult life. I take my hat off to the people that create these events…I just wish they were more frequent! Although they do hold them all over the country and some times in other parts of the world, I believe there was one in Barcelona one year!
disclaimer: some of these photos (the better ones)  were stolen from the Brockmans Gin Instagram page.

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